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    With over 3.7 million members and targeted ad options, we help you reach the audience you're looking for!

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    Our many promotion opportunities, from emails to social promotions to display ads, help ensure your message is relevant to your audience.

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Our users are regular people wanting to contextualize everyday issues. They seek the guidance and insight Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Feng Shui, and I Ching deliver through easily accessible tools, perspectives and wisdom found on all of our properties. Our audience interest levels range from the semi-curious to the highly engaged.

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With over 19 million+ pageviews per month (and growing!), it’s no wonder advertisers and sponsors want to share their products and services with our users. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions for your business — so that our goals and yours align for the best outcomes. 

Email Subscribers
We send over 3 million emails daily!
Email Lists: Number of Daily Sends:’s Daily Horoscope Email 1,108,000’s Weekly Romance Horoscope Email 1,015,000’s Daily Horoscope Email 153,000’s Daily Number Email 42,000
Dedicated Email List 980,000
Total Number of Emails: 3,298,000
Unique Monthly Pageviews
DIG Site: Unique Desktop PVs: Unique Mobile PVs: 3,692,600 8,794,900 4,375,900 1,353,100 309,500 598,000 103,200 171,600
Total Network PVs: 8,481,200 10,917,600

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Age Range: % Of Users:
18 to 24 Years 20.77%
25 to 34 Years 27.21%
35 to 44 Years 19.64%
45 to 54 Years 16.69%
55 to 64 Years 11.03%
65+ Years 4.66%

Data gathered from Google Analytics.

With over 4 million members, DIG is one of the largest divination networks in the world.

DIG Network Stats

Data gathered from Google Analytics and social networks.


Engagement matters.

Our social users are engaged with us on a personal level. Interested in trying a social ad campaign? Want to promote an event or a sale?
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So many choices, so many opportunities.

We have a full team of writers, designers, and developers that can work with your company to come up with great, creative ideas for reaching your goals. Whether you are looking for leads, pageviews, signups, or sales, the Zappallas USA ad team would love to talk to you!

Mobile Ads
Ad Placement Type Ad Size
Top: 320 x 50
Middle: 300 x 250
Bottom: 320 x 50
Adhesion: 320 x 50
Desktop Ads
Ad Placement Type Ad Size
Top: 728 x 90
ATF Right: 300 x 250
ATF Right: 300 x 600
Middle: 300 x 250
Bottom: 728 x 90
Adhesion: 728 x 90
Other Options
Look beyond banners, try something new!

Other possible placements and promotions include:

  • Advertorials
  • Sponsored Social Posts
  • Sponsored Quizzes, Surveys, and Contests
  • Site Takeovers/Wallpaper
  • Live Chats and Special Events
  • In-Video Promotions and Companion Ads
  • Co-branded Landing Pages
  • Special Ads: Expandable, Peel-backs, Pop-unders, etc.
  • Sponsored Infographics
  • AND Many More! Contact Us for Ideas
Email Ads
Ad Placement Type Ad Size
Top: 970 x 250
Middle: 970 x 250
Middle: 300 x 250
Bottom: 970 x 250

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